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Square & Holder Bundle

Square & Holder Bundle

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Included in the Bundle is (1) 4-In-1 7” Aluminum Rafter Square and an EZ Square Holder ™ included.

4-In-1 7” Square w/ Aluminum Construction for Durability, Works As Rafter Square, Protractor or Saw Guide for Versatility

This versatile angle square works as a protractor, rafter square.

The markings are cast into the tool making them easy to read.

Solid base lets square stand in place

Use as a ruler, protractor, rafter square, or combination square

Measurements cast into the tool

Scale in inches

SKU 63140

 And the included Holder 

EZ square Holder ™ is a Simple, efficient and ingenious holder clips a Rafter Square to belt, pocket or tool pouch

Strong plastic construction with friction retainer to keep square secure

Works single-handily with right or left hand

Stash a spare carpenter's pencil in the handy holder

Fits  7" Rafter Squares

Made in the USA

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