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EZ Square Holder ®

EZ Square Holder ®

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Our EZ Square Holder ® / Holster provides the best way to always keep your Rafter Square secure!

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Never drop your Rafter Square again!

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Anyone who has ever worked with a Speed Square® knows 
this problem due to the triangular shape. It never fits 
in your belt or pocket. Even worse, it falls out! 

We now have the solution!

  • Simple, Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Holds a 7″ Rafter Square.
  • Square quickly slides in and out.
  • Fits any Belt, Pocket or Bench. 
  • Use on right or left.
  • Secures square with patented design.
  • Built in spare pencil holder.
  • Proudly Invented in USA

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Watch How to Adjust Video Demos & Reviews here on YouTube

This will show you how to use the EZ square Holder.

For information on the use of the Rafter Angle Square or Layout Square and sometimes even called a Carpenters Square you may click here for all FAQs 

SPEED® Square, a registered trademark of Swanson Tool Co., Inc.,

EZ Square Holder® , a registered trademark of DIS Group LLC.,

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