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Rafter Square Holder

EZ Square Holder

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 Our EZ Square Holder / Holster provides a perfect solution and will always keep your Rafter square  handy!

Never drop your Rafter Square  again!

Anyone who has ever worked with a Speed Square® knows
this problem due to the triangular shape. It never fits
in your belt or pocket. Even worse, it falls out!

We now have the solution!

  • Holds a 7″ Rafter Square.

  • Square quickly slides in and out.

  • Use it with one hand.

  • Adds no weight to your tool belt.

  • Fits any Belt, Pocket or Bench. 

  • Use on right or left side.

  • Secures square with patented design.

  • Built in spare pencil holder.  

  • Proudly Invented, Engineered and Made In The  USA!




Easy to Use

A Must Have

Fit All Squares


 Watch a Demo on EZ Square Holder Demo

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For information on the use of the Rafter Angle Square or Layout Square and sometimes even called a Carpenters Square you may click here for all FAQs 

SPEED® Square, a registered trademark of Swanson Tool Co., Inc.,

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