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Review by Nate

Square holder - First impressions

This is my first impressions of the square holder produced by you may recognize this from the IBS show this year, that's International...


5star5/5 By  Steven S. Indispensable addition., Oct 1, 2018

This holder makes my life easier. I am a much better carpenter when I have my square handy. This holder helps make me better. I should have bought for me and one for my son.


5star5/5 By  Dwayne B  As close to the Old House version.., Jul 3, 2018

Excellent, it's exactly what I was looking for, durable material, fits Right or Left-handed access to your speed square.


5star5/5 By  Tony F. Great add on tool.., May 18, 2017

Product is of great quality, looking forward to many years of use.


5star5/5 By  Joe M. Nice Product! July 2, 2018

Hi Guys! After a slight alteration (as suggested in the instructions) the EZSquareHolder works perfectly with my Speedsquare! I'm well pleased!

5star5/5 By  00Seb S. Speed square holder, March 3, 2018

Great product, had free a compartment in my tool bag where the square used to live, worth the money by a hundred times, great to support an American designed and made product.


5star5/5 By  Dave H. Speed square holder, March 3, 2018

Really good, shipping was fast, and the product is as described. Very useful tool..



5star5/5 By  Amazon Customer , Jan 20, 2018

Gave this to my apprentice to keep his speed square handy in his belt. IS a big improvement


5star5/5 By Amazon Customer  6 June 2017

Saw it on this old house so had to get one 👍🏻👍🏻

5star5/5 By  Chris Hogan Great Seller.., May 18, 2017

Already started using it, such a handy tool/great idea. One more thing; Of all the purchases I've made over the internet, this was the first time I felt you were dealing with the seller on almost a personal level. It was a simple letter about the product and a means of direct contact should there ever be some sort of problem. Very well done! 

5star5/5 By Raymond S Awesome invention.., April 20, 2017

Awesome invention,was tired of picking up my speed square off the ground,and quite sick of losing it from the scaffolding,great tool, holds speed square right Where i want it and frees up the other pockets on my Work vest.definately be buying more of these,fast shipping overseas to me in Norway,thanks again

5star5/5 stars

Just what I've been looking for..

Just what I've been looking for. Watched a recent This Old House rerun and Tom Silva said the company that made the original model went out of business.

5star5/5 stars

Why didn't I think of this?

We have all been there, up a ladder, in another room, and have to waste precious time trying to retrieve our speed squares when we need it the most. Not anymore. Its about time someone came up with something for speed squares! No more bungee straps, string or even using duct tape to engineer something to keep a square from falling out of your pocket, or out of your tool belt. I love the fact that even if I'm not wearing a tool belt, I can clip it to a pocket using the built in clips and my speed square is with me - no more wasted time looking for the last place I laid the square down. Thinking of buying another, and gluing magnets to it so that I can have one that I can stick it to my table saw or to my miter saw stand. Made out of strong plastic it seems so longevity shouldn't be a problem. Definitely for anyone who spends a lot of time with their speed square!

5star5/5 stars on January 24, 2017


"I've been looking for this product for years since I saw Tom Silva wearing a home-made version on This Old House...Anyone who wears front-rider bags will appreciate this immensely. No more back pocket speed square, and no more getting stabbed when you leave it in the front. Perfect!"


5star5/5 stars on January 18, 2017

Love it!!

"Works great I love it."

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